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  • Yongrui yr series rice color sorter uses color CCD technology to remove impurities such as grass seed, mildew, half grain, water yellow, blackhead and stone from rice, effectively ...

  • A pepper processing plant; intelligent image acquisition and analysis technology, sorting pepper ring, Chaotian pepper, pepper stem removal, flower skin effective area removal, mul...

  • Yongrui peanut Beige sorter, a peanut processing factory, can complete two, three and four selections at the same time on a single machine, reducing the take out ratio. Germination...

  • Yongrui Y Series small artificial intelligence color sorter was used in a breeding center in Hebei Province. It can effectively replace the manual picking, and the live insects and...

  • It is used to remove impurities in the glass sand of a factory in Shandong Province. The new technology of "intelligent color" developed by Yongrui is adopted. By using optical ima...

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