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Plastic color sorter series - want to buy color sorter

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Plastic color sorter series - want to buy color sorter, Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of the quality of plastic color sorter, and maintain the reputation of products, Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology strictly produces in accordance with the international quality management system certification, and carries out scientific management with strict product quality management mode. The market share of our plastic color sorter is steadily increasing. Our products have the use of assembly machinery, and are unanimously supported and recognized in Anqing, Bengbu, Bozhou, Chizhou, Chuzhou, Fuyang, Hefei, Huaibei, Huainan, Huangshan, Lu'an, Maanshan, Suzhou, Tongling, Wuhu, Xuancheng, Nanjing, Jinan, Shandong, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Are you still worried about finding a good plastic color sorter? Don't worry any more, Anhui Yongrui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. will solve all the problems about color sorter for you. For many years, our company has been committed to the research and development of plastic color sorter, and has been recognized by many users with unremitting efforts. The quality and quality of the products are remarkable, and the plastic color sorter supplied conforms to the national production standard, with reliable quality.

At present, focusing on the plastic color sorter has been widely used in the separation and selection of quartz sand. A good color sorter can indeed select sand, and the mining enterprises can obtain considerable economic benefits. However, why do some quartz sand color sorters purchased by mine owners fail to meet the requirements? Before we buy color sorter, we must do a good job of market research in the early stage. First of all, we need to understand several important systems of color sorter. Color sorter can be said to be a kind of "robot". Color sorter is mainly composed of feeding system, optical detection system, signal processing system and separation system. The main performance evaluation indexes of Anhui Yongrui photoelectric plastic color sorter are as follows: processing capacity, color separation accuracy, belt to belt ratio and separation rate. The key is to determine whether the software and hardware of the color sorter are powerful. In order to make the color sorter have an efficient and stable color separation effect, we must consider the combination of software and hardware. Which brand of color sorter can effectively select sand and remove impurities in quartz sand, and really achieve the purpose of further purification of quartz sand? The CCD camera transmits the data information to the processor of FPGA + DSP architecture. The processor distinguishes the defective materials in the normal materials through the efficient image processing algorithm, and then blows the defective materials into the waste cavity of the receiving materials by controlling the high frequency solenoid valve device, while the normal materials continue to fall into the receiving hopper In order to get rid of the defective materials. Through the analysis and demonstration of dozens of high-yield, high fineness and screening mills in China, our center focuses on plastic color concentrators. The newly developed technology of internal powder screening mill integrates the technologies of kangbiden mill, high-yield, high fineness and screening mill, and makes significant improvements in view of the above shortcomings. This technology and equipment is a new screening device used in the mill, based on the original grinding production process, considering the process conditions of each link in the production system, such as clinker size, temperature, grindability, mixture type, water content, etc. Through the function of the internal separation device, the coarse and fine particles in the grinding process of the mill can be separated in time and effectively.

Plastic color sorter is the key product promoted by Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology, and also the product with good sales situation. Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology adopts wholesale, retail, direct sales, factory direct sales and physical store sales to develop the market. "Customer first, reform realistic, people-oriented, United and enterprising" is our company's culture. If you participate in our business cooperation, you can use online payment; bank transfer, we also provide 24-hour online consulting after-sales service.

Plastic color sorter series - want to buy color sorter on Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology, Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology in order to do a good job in service and improve market share, successively carried out product publicity activities in Anhui and other places, laying the foundation for the development of the company. The market share of plastic color sorter still has a lot of room for improvement. Welcome to call the relevant agents in the surrounding areas for consultation. Anhui Yongrui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. pursues the sustainable and stable development of the company, strives to improve the value of the company and achieve greater economic benefits. Looking forward to your joining, let's create a more brilliant tomorrow hand in hand!

The above is the detailed information about the plastic color sorter. If you have any questions, please call Anhui Yongrui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and have a professional answer for you