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Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology shares with you the industries in which c

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Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology shares with you which industries are color sorters widely used in? Color sorter is a kind of equipment which uses photoelectric detection technology to automatically sort out the different color particles in the granular materials according to the difference of optical properties of materials. At present, color sorter is used in the field of bulk materials or packaging industrial products, food quality detection and classification. Photoelectric color separator is a kind of non-destructive sorting equipment used for the quality detection and classification of bulk materials, which is widely used in grain, food, pigment chemical industry and other industries. It is difficult to separate recycled plastic sheets, plastic particles, corn, beans, rice, ore, pepper, pepper, garlic, melon seeds, raisins, seeds, traditional Chinese medicine, sea rice, shrimp skin, clove fish The separation effect of malignant impurities and special materials such as glass, metal and color bar is very significant, reaching the international leading level.

1, agriculture

At first, the color sorter was mainly used in agriculture, such as rice, grains, beans, seeds, dried peppers, nuts, herbs, tea and so on. Later, it rapidly expanded to other food fields, such as seafood, dried fish and so on.

2, salt industry

Before the economic reform and opening up, due to the backward technology, salt had not been purified by this high-end equipment. The salt in the impression was always placed in the inconspicuous position of the supermarket, and there was no change in price and packaging for many years. With the reform of salt industry constitution, color sorter has been introduced into salt industry. Especially in recent years, careful Chinese people will find that the outer package and brand of salt have quietly changed. There are more brands, more kinds of salt for Chinese people to choose, and the price of salt is naturally different.

The price has changed, and the competition of salt brand has started quietly. How to improve the brand awareness and quality has become a top priority. At this time, it is particularly important to choose a suitable color sorter. Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology salt color sorter has high precision and reliable life. The salt color sorter of Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology has been in service for nearly ten years and is still working accurately. It is not surprising that such a high precision and reliable color sorter is sought after by salt tycoons.

3, industry

Renewable resources, plastic particles... Today's intelligent CCD multi-functional industrial color sorter, can be intelligent separation, one step in place!

4, mining industry

As an ore processing and separation equipment, the ore color separator can be applied to the separation of potash feldspar, barite, quartz sand, manganese ore, calcium carbonate stone, white marble stone, calcite, tungsten ore, Lin ore and other ores. The separation effect is significant and the utilization rate of resources is improved, which will be widely promoted in the ore mining industry.

5. Crafts

More and more businesses find that as long as there are granular products with different colors, the color sorter can be perfectly sorted out, such as Buddha beads, jewelry, various jewelry particles, crystal and so on.

The above is to share with you some information about the industries in which color sorters are widely used for Anhui Yongrui photoelectric technology. If you need to know more about color sorter products, please contact ITU