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What are some technical indicators of color sorter - good quality color sorter m

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What are some technical indicators of color sorter

(1) Treatment capacity

Processing capacity is the quantity of materials that can be processed per hour, and the unit is t / h. The factors that affect the processing capacity include the configuration, structure and specification of the color sorter identification system. In addition, the processing capacity is closely related to the variety of raw materials, the proportion of impurities contained and the required selection accuracy.

(2) Selection rate

Selection rate refers to the percentage of impurities selected from raw materials in the total impurities contained, also known as color selection accuracy. The main factors affecting the selection rate are the configuration of color sorter. The selection rate of high-performance and high-end color sorter is far higher than that of ordinary CCD color sorter. It is difficult for ordinary color sorter to reach the calibration index in actual production. In addition, the purity of raw materials and the ratio of raw materials to output also directly affect the selection rate.

(3) Take out ratio

Take out ratio refers to the ratio of the number of impurities in the defective products selected by the color sorter to the number of particles of the good products. The output ratio can be set. If the output ratio is set too high, it will affect the selection rate and processing capacity. If the output ratio is set too low, there will be too many good material particles in the selected waste, which will cause waste. If the waste is reprocessed, a certain amount of manpower and material resources will be invested, which will cause a lot of trouble and economic loss.

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