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What are the installation requirements of beige sorter?

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 Large rice color sorter has been widely used in rice selection, and has been favored by many rice manufacturers, which improves the quality and efficiency of rice selection. It is understood that many manufacturers buy a large Beige sorter, but the effect is not as good as they think. Most of the reasons for this situation are due to the installation environment or the working order is wrong. Therefore, this paper will explain the installation requirements of the large Beige sorter in detail to solve the confusion in our hearts.

First, the installation environment of the beige sorter:

1. The strong light (lighting equipment, etc.) or sunlight can not be directly directed to the color sorter, otherwise, the ability of the photoelectric system to capture signals will be reduced, that is, it is difficult to distinguish the information such as heterochromatic particles, so as to reduce the color selection accuracy, increase the band out ratio, and reduce the effect of color selection.

No strong electromagnetic interference is allowed around the color sorter, such as high-frequency emission, electric welding, etc., otherwise, it is easy to affect the normal operation of the color sorter.

3 color sorter can not be installed in the place with more vibration or strong vibration, otherwise it is easy to affect the effect of color selection and damage the color sorter.

4 color sorter shall not be installed in the place with low temperature, high temperature, humidity and dust. The operation room of color sorter shall be isolated from other equipment of rice mill and ensure good ventilation.

5. The ground shall be level without embedded foundation bolts.

Next, the working procedure of color sorter:

1. There should be no stone, metal and other substances in the rice entering the color separator, which requires that the reasonable cylinder primary cleaning screen, plane rotary screen, stone remover, dust suction air mesh, self balancing vibrating screen and magnetic separator should be installed in the primary cleaning section, so as to remove as many impurities as possible, reduce the content of heterochromatic particles, reduce the working pressure of the color separator, play the primary cleaning function and improve the efficiency of color separation.

Before selecting 2 Beige colors, they should be polished first. After polishing, the rice is white and bright, with good appearance, without bran powder and other powder. If the rice contains many powdery matters, high moisture, long time and appropriate temperature, it is easy to agglomerate in the channel, which will affect the flow of rice grains. At the same time, the high concentration of dust in the sorting room will affect the recognition ability of the electric eye, reduce the precision of color separation, and reduce the service life of the color separation machine.

White rice grading must be carried out before the selection of three Beige colors. After hulling, milling, polishing, separation of grain roughness and impact during mechanical transportation, some of these grains have become heterogeneous grains, mainly immature grains, moldy grains and yellow grains. The tensile and compressive strength of these grains is small, the crushing rate is higher than the normal value, and the proportion of them in medium and small crushing is also high. The workload of color sorter can be greatly reduced by grading.